Sometimes, I much prefer being alone. Put my headphones in and turn the music up really, really loud. This way, I don’t need to think about anything else, about anyone else. I smile to my music and for once, life is easy.

I hate, painful realisations.

Un jour la France dominera le monde, mais pas demain, il y a grève.

Thank GOD I’m going home this week, this strike is getting pretty ridiculous. Students actually barricade the school with dustbins, random metal fences, which literally appear out of nowhere, and chant at the top of their voice. Also, they refuse entry to any students who may actually want to come into school. France literally comes to a complete standstill.

I guess you couldn’t really blame them though. France has experienced 5 revolutions or something, it really is in their blood.

Although, I did get caught up in the riots the day before yesterday. Yep, I have first hand, experienced a stampede =.=” I almost got trampled to death by hundreds of angry French people… 

…Oh crap, if I can’t go home on Saturday because of the strikes, I am going to cry my heart out…

When a girl is hurting, she is going to hurt for quite a while. She will rethink the situation over and over again thinking what she could have possibly done to avoid it from happening. She wishes there was a possibility that she could just erase what just happened because right now, she is left scarred with the thoughts.

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Today, it just kinda clicked. Whatever happens, I’ll be okay. I have friends that love me, they know whether something’s up even when I’m in Paris and they’re so willing to take the time and effort to make me happy again. I feel so blessed.

And, more importantly, I have God. Whatever the outcome, I know that this time round, nothing will take me away from Him. I was young, stupid, foolish before, but now I know so much better. He has never let me down, and He never will =) No longer will the lies, the hurt, the pain, the disappointments take me away from God, in Him is my healing. 

I know that things on this earth won’t last forever, but He does, and His love which embraces me does also. 

I’m gonna be okay =) 

I need someone to talk to, I hate feeling lonely.

I need someone to tell me what to do. How to handle it. Whether or not I should. What to think.

Cause right now, my mind is a complete and utter shambles. 

Sometimes it’s too difficult. In fact, most of the time it’s too difficult. Trust is essential, yet it’s something we don’t have. God told me what to do, but I completely ignored Him so I deserve this really. 

You have won my heart and I am Yours.

Forever and ever, I will love You.

Cause I just can’t get enough of lies. Just keep them coming, and I’ll continue to blindly believe in them. Like always

Figures, I’ve never been worthy of the truth.

I honestly didn’t think it would be this difficult. Everything in me wants to give up. But it’s just not possible, however much I want to.


30 days until I come home again…

I have too much time to think here, I can’t keep myself occupied for long enough… 

If I were more free-spirited, I wouldn’t feel so homesick.

I started to give you chances to redeem yourself even before you were aware…